How the world of finance has invested in the Macron candidate

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The general public does not know their names. The majority of specialists ignore their faces. They never went to the polls. However, since May 2017, their candidate governs. In a cruel snub at François Hollande’s Bourget speech in 2012, part of the world of finance and banking favored the election of Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace. Many documents Mariannehad access, for many from the “MacronLeaks”, these e-mails of the entourage of the candidate hacked before the first round of the presidential election, which we have cross-checked and verified, attest the massive financial support provided by this microcosm to On the march at its beginnings. In the first eight months of the existence of the movement, it is more generally a square of very rich entrepreneurs who carried at arm’s length the presidential stable of the former Minister of the Economy. Among them, none of the billionaires accustomed to the First Circle, UMP donors club, such as François Pinault, Serge Dassault or the Bettencourt family.

In his conquest of power, Emmanuel Macron has relied on a much more “new world” elite, made up of business bankers, investment fund managers, venture capitalists and successful start-ups. Profiles particularly favored by the reforms of the president for a year. By conviction, without a doubt. Discovering the precious help provided by this new business aristocracy, yet impossible not to wonder if the head of state dare to bite tomorrow the hand that fed it yesterday.

In discovering the help provided by the business aristocracy, it is impossible not to wonder if the president will dare to bite the hand that fed him


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