How To Spend Your Small Business Startup Loans

By: DonaldJennings

Before you get that approval for small business startup loans, you must be on the drawing board thinking of a strategy on how you can make most of the funds.

Remember, small business startup loans do not come for free. These funds will also cost you money, so you need to make sure that you spend it wisely and make sure you properly use it so the funds generate revenue.

If you will ask experts, most will say you need to focus spending of small business startup loans on some core needs such as the following:


In case you are in the retail industry, you need to make sure your inventory can keep up with the demand and that your items keep your market interested. When you spend your money on inventory, this automatically returns to you plus some profit when consumers buy your products. When this happens, you have fresh funds to roll and buy more products on spend to improve other aspects of your business.

Update Your Website

If you still have that clunky website that looks and works like the Jurassic Age websites, then make sure you spend some portion of your small business startup loans on updating your website or creating a new one. Your website must be able to keep up with the lifestyle of your target market. Make sure they can view it properly from their computers, tablets, and smartphones. Having a good website is like having a good store that’s ready to do business 24×7.


Create some noise and get more attention from your potential customers and make sure existing customers remain as loyal, buying customers. You can use your loan for online and offline marketing push. Make sure you attack on all fronts and improve the reach of your brand. Small businesses can make most of online marketing, which somehow levels the playing field against bigger brands with bigger funds to spend. If you do not have the know-how, you can always outsource these things so you are certain they are done right.

New Store Location

Your store location can spell the difference between success and failure. If you operate a brick-and-mortar business, foot traffic and accessibility is essential. Use your loan to find a better location for your store so you can attract more customers and generate more money. Moving to another location is also not just about getting more foot traffic, but you can look at it from the productivity or cost reduction perspective.

Get New Talent

Boost your workforce with new hires. If you do not have the capacity to screen applicants, you can use the money to hire a recruiting firm to do the job for you. Doing so will ensure that you get the best people for the job.

More Equipment

The new funds can also be spent on new equipment that will help you achieve your production goals. If you need to buy machinery to operate your business smoothly, then a loan is always a smart move.

When getting a new loan, make sure you allocate funds on foundations of your business. Be it a new location, new equipment, new talent, among others, make sure you spend it on aspects of your business that will help it generate revenue quickly.

You were approved for small business startup loans, now what? Let our experts at guide you on how to spend that money.