What actually does a clenbuterol do?

By: DonaldJennings

When the clen steroid is taken, may be in the form of a tablet or through injections, the beta 2 receptors of our body get stimulated and this stimulation burns the fat. The receptors heats up the body and mitochondria of the cells add to this heat making high metabolic rate. Most of the athletes use anabolic steroids but clenbuterol is not an anabolic steroid. Clen is a non-anabolic steroid.

How to use clen?

This non anabolic steroid is definitely not a magic pill. It is nothing like you take it and then you maximize your energy levels. It has to be taken in right amounts with proper regular time intervals. Clen is used to eradicate the stubborn fat which is very impossible to get rid of using the traditional approach. Thereare two methods to use clen. The first is called as 2 week pyramid and the second one is continuous dosage. In the two week pyramid, the logic is to find out how much amount suits for your body. This is because of the fact that each individual will be having different reactions for the amount they take in.

The theory is taking low dosage initially and then gradually increasing it up to two weeks and then the person need to get into “off cycle” for another two weeks to make the receptors stop from being over saturated. This cycle can be repeated continuously but not more than three times. Starting from 20 mcg of clen and increasing the dose up to 140 mcg should be done in two weeks. Here the figure 20 mcg is taken only for explanation. One has to go through the cycle with different amounts as directed by the doctor. The second theory is continuous usage where in it is more or less similar to that of the first but the difference is here the dosage is persistent for some period say like 1 – 2 weeks. It can be increased uniformly up to 8 weeks. Many other such forms of usages are prevailed but it depends on the relevant amount that is suitable for your body.

Like anything else, even clen has a crook side of it. Definitely the best option to build up your strength would be through the diet and exercises. In the initial stage of using clen there will be nervousness and nausea feeling. Having cramps, severe head ache, insomnia and then sudden high blood pressure in the starting phase is a bit common. One can lower the dose in order to combat with these side effects. In case when the effect is too uncomfortable and difficult to bear then one need to switch to off period for certain time. Anyway, clen has to be taken only when prescribed and that too under the supervision of the expert.

All put together, clenbuterol is definitely an option for those who want their body to be desirable in terms of mass, muscle and fat content  curing disorders of breathing. It is in fact a life saver drug.