Amazon Self-Publishing: Can it Make You Money?

By: DonaldJennings

Amazon self-publishing has made publishing easier, especially in the publishing industry. Authors can take control of their work and publish it without needing to go through “gatekeepers”, i.e. Traditional publishers such as Random House.

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There are many ways to publish your work online…and make money. Because of its profit potential and ease-of-use, Amazon self-publishing has been the preferred resource for authors.

Amazon has made publishing easy for anyone, regardless of their level of experience. Anyone can publish a book. Amazon self-publishing is open to all. Anyone can use this platform for their work to be published and available to the public.

Amazon searches can help you spot “gaps”. This is where you search for topics that are popular or trending in the world and not already covered by Amazon books. There are many people out there who would love to buy your book.

You will need to do some things in order to make Amazon self-publishing a steady source of income. Your books won’t sell by themselves. You are also the marketer because you are the publisher. You must get word out about your book. You won’t become a millionaire overnight. You can still make money and the opportunities are growing.

Amazon offers a variety of self-publishing options

Amazon self-publishing is most cost-effectively and efficiently done through ebooks. This allows users to download your work to their devices using the Kindle ebook reader. Amazon has made this possible with the Kindle Direct Publishing program. This is self-publishing without any upfront costs. You will need to have an Amazon account.

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There are many benefits to this program:

In just minutes, you can upload your book to the platform. Your book will be available for sale within a few days.

You retain all rights to your books, and you can set your prices.

Amazon allows you to keep up 70% of the book’s sale price for every book that is sold. Amazon retains the remainder.

You can upload and make any changes to your book at any time.

You can also use the feature to make a printed book available. This feature is also available through the Kindle Direct Publishing program. It is easy to convert your ebook into a printed book. This makes it easy to sell more books because many people still prefer print books.

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Market Your Amazon Self-Publishing Products

A page that grabs attention for your Amazon self-publishing listing is a key element in selling your book. More casual book buyers will be converted by a detailed description. People searching Amazon and Google for your topic will find your book higher in search results if you use keywords. When you choose your book title, keywords are also important. Amazon has a lot of short descriptions, so you can write a long description to sell your book.

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Your book’s reviews are vital for selling. Before buying, people want to read what other readers have to say. As a new author, how do you obtain reviews? Ask friends and family to review the book. It is important to follow up on reviews. People are very busy, so even a brief book review is not something they can do.