Recent Trends in Auto Recycling, Opportunities and Challenges

By: DonaldJennings

Did you know that the car is the most commonly recycled consumer product in America?

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Nearly 100 percent of all automobiles are currently recycled in the United States. The US automotive recycling market is an important, market-driven sector with more than $32 billion in annual revenue. This industry employs over 140,000 people in more than 9000 locations throughout the country.

Recent Trends in Auto Recycling

Junk cars can be taken to a scrapyard or traded in at an automotive dealership. But eventually they end up at an auto junker for recycling. All reusable parts of a vehicle are taken to the wrecking yard. This includes wheels, trunk lids and trunk lids as well as seats, doors, windows, hoods, hoods, and seats. Mercury switches are also removed to ensure an environmentally responsible recycling process. Cars are also drained of all fluids.

The shredder takes the remaining car hulk. It is then shredded into small pieces of non-ferrous metals, such as steel, and fluffs (nonrecyclable plastics. The iron and steel are separated magnetically from all other contents and then recycled. The metal scrap is then shipped to steel mills, where it can be used to make new steel. Some scrap metal is also sent to secondary processors, often scrap brokers.

Auto Recycling Industry Opportunities

Auto recycling is a huge industry that has high demand for End of Life Vehicles in both the auto industry and the steel industry. Michael E. Wilson (CEO of the Automotive Recyclers Association) believes that the opportunities and importance of the auto recycling industry are growing exponentially. Junk car owners now have many options to sell their junk cars for cash. You can either sell your junk car on Craigslist or eBay, or directly to auto dealers and scrap yards.

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Scrap yards and auto dealers also compete for EOL cars that are available on Craigslist, eBay, or directly from junk car owners. Businesses must ensure that they have the latest technology in the field and adhere to the ARA standards for auto recycling.

The Challenges of Auto Recycling

There are many challenges in the auto recycling industry. Businesses must ensure that they have the most up-to-date technology in the industry, and adhere to the ARA standards for auto recycling.

Education and training, insurance and salvage are three of the most challenging areas for this sector. For an auto recycling plant, it is difficult to find skilled labor. Businesses need to train and hire skilled labor to be able to operate in this field. The company’s overall efficiency will suffer if it does not have a skilled and well-trained workforce. Another problem is insurance. There are very few businesses offering workers’ compensation insurance in this industry. Firms in this sector face another challenge when trying to find salvageable vehicles at a reasonable price. Many old cars are exported, while many more are bought by unscrupulous buyers who will pay nearly anything to have them.

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Junk Car Medics – A great example of customer-centric auto recycling

Auto recyclers are using more sophisticated marketing strategies and customer service to increase their vehicle inflow. These methods make it easy for owners to quickly get cash for their old vehicles and have them taken away.

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Junk Car Medics has become a nationally recognized brand with over 53 locations in the United States. The Medics are available to help salvage yards all over the country. The company purchases junk cars and processes them. Steel, non-ferrous metals, and other contents are sold to steel mills or manufacturing businesses that can make new products. The reusable parts of the car are separated and sold to repair centers.