How to scrap a CRT monitor for metals

By: DonaldJennings

It is nearly the same thing as scrapping an old television to recycle a CRT monitor. Many valuable metals, such as aluminum and copper, can be found in nonfunctional or old CRT monitors. Scrapping nonfunctional CRT Monitors can bring you profits, especially if there are large quantities that you can process in order to recover the metals.

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Tools required

A hammer, bolt cutter, long screwdriver for deep screws, power drill, and some large pliers. If you are serious about scrap metal collecting, a pickup truck or trailer may be of benefit to you.

Important Tip

Keep in mind that you’re trying to create separate piles of various metals. This includes aluminum heat sinks/ aluminum magnet shields, wire and ABS plastic shells, stainless-steel yoke fastener ring, stainless-steel shields, copper breaking (the black box controllers, transformers, inductors, and other metal parts).

Step 1: Take off the back cover of the monitor

You will need to remove the back cover by carefully cutting the cable running behind the monitor. You must not remove the plug, as it will leave behind the gold plating. To loosen the screws located at the corners of the back of your monitor, you can use a power drill or screwdriver. You can then remove the case.

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Step 2: Remove All Wires

To make your job easier after opening the case, you will need to cut any wires. You can use a bolt cutter to do the job.

Step 3: Disconnect the Circuit Board

It is important to be careful when separating the circuit board. You could accidentally break the glass tube of your monitor. Be gentle when removing the board. After removing the circuit board, you should only remove the front of the monitor, tube and copper yoke. Next, take some large pliers and pull out the small transformers from the circuit board. You will then find good amounts of copper and aluminium on the circuit board. There will also be copper and aluminum wires.

Keep all metals separate in piles.

Step 4: Take off the copper yoke

It is possible to break the glass if you are not careful when pulling the yoke. You can simply remove all screws that fasten the yoke to the glass tube using a screwdriver/power drill. You can pull the pieces apart one at a time before you finally remove the copper yoke. It might seem a bit difficult at first, so don’t rush.

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Step 5: Separate Metals from the Circuit Board

Circuit boards are made up of copper-bearing motors as well as aluminum parts. You should concentrate on the circuit board, the copper yoke and nothing else. Don’t leave any metals on your board. Remember to place the metals in the appropriate piles.

Step 6: Collect the copper from the Copper Yoke

The copper yoke will have plastic edges. You can simply cut the plastic and remove the copper. You can then remove the left yoke and take out any remaining metal parts.

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You now have several piles of different metals. You should have many piles of metals if you do the same thing for multiple CRT monitors. Each CRT monitor can be scrapped for $5.