Best Corporate Animation Singapore – Stages through Which Animation Get Life

By: DonaldJennings

To expand the businesses more creativity are used. Now a day’s people are not using slides to convey information about their products. Some people which are using slides to convey their ideas decreasing gradually. Animation service is a little expensive but really useful in expanding the business. There are some stages of animation videos.


This is the most important stage. In this stage, thoughts meet from a story. It is really a trick to get the attention of your audience. By making the audience believes in your ideas and keep connect with them.

Story Boarding for video:

After the formal approval of the script. You have to create storyboarding which shows the direction of the final video through sketching. Then the sketches of different characters transferred on the graphical stage. So you can get pre-visualization video, further, it can be difficult.

Voice over:

After the both of these steps, you have to move on the voice over. You have to put good voices on different characters. If voices are good then you can easily get the attention of your audience. A wrong voice can waste your all effort which you put.

Graphics for video:

In this stage sketches at the storyboard stage can get a shape. They filled with colors and get a great look. If you keep graphics of the video simple then it never destroys the message of your video. And you easily explain your message through video.


In animation, the time depends on the length of the voice over. So animated explainer video is ready after this step.

Sound reaction:

Sound always play a vital role in the effective video. Through sound, you create moods and feeling which makes our brain active. This part of the animated video is always important to explore your product. After this step, the animated video is ready to get a promotion.


Now the animated video is ready to deliver on the client’s door. A good animated can be a great fortune for you.

Through animated video, you can get more chance to expand your business on a big scale. For this, you should share you’re your video on a different social media platform. Because of sharing your video can get viral which may be beneficial for you. So if you are starting a new business then you should invest your money in the best corporate animation Singapore to get best video animation according to your budget.