By: DonaldJennings

Entrepreneurs set ambitious goals and have big plans when they start their ventures. It’s easy to get distracted by the everyday tasks of building a business empire. These are critical tasks that must be completed, regardless of the industry. They can keep entrepreneurs away from what they love. Virtual business assistant can help with this.

What is a Virtual Business Assistant?

A Virtual Business Assistant is someone who takes care of your administrative tasks remotely. Virtual Business Assistants can handle all aspects of your administrative tasks, including answering emails, database entry, website administration, social media, and even managing social media. Many are freelance or contract workers and work remotely, which allows them to be flexible in the amount of work they delegate.

Debbie Roche, a Vancouver-based virtual secretary, explains what her colleagues do.

“I assist small business owners in the day to day running of their businesses.” Debbie explained that these people are not  aware of the daily tasks required to run a business. Maybe they don’t have time or a head for admin. They can now focus on their business and take the admin tasks off their shoulders.

Virtual Business Assistants: The Benefits

Are you curious if Virtual Business Assistant might be a good fit for your small company? These are the five biggest benefits of using their services.

Enjoy More Time Business Assistant for the Things You Love

It can feel like a constant stream of emails, phone calls and meetings. They can quickly eat into your time and leave you less time for the important things. Brittany Hardy, founder of Empty Desk Solutions, elaborates:

Sometimes we don’t know what to do with our time, but we can’t seem to manage an in-house staff member. Virtual assistants can help with many Business Plural Possessive of the daily business tasks that would otherwise need a full-time or part-time employee.

Trust an Expert

The number of skills that virtual assistants have available is increasing as the industry expands. VAs have often had years of experience in marketing, copywriting and social media. They can even be bookkeepers. Claire Costa, a Vancouver-based Virtual Assistant, explains the benefits.

There’s Less to do

You’ll need to hire more staff as your business grows. You may not have the budget to hire an administrative staff member full-time. You will need to determine how much you are able to afford to hire an administrative assistant for important tasks. Then, find a virtual assistant who can work within your budget. Virtual assistants are free from the burden of worrying about tax consequences, benefits, and being locked into long-term contracts.

Claire says that the virtual assistant will only be charged for the work she does. You don’t have to track hours, cover source deductions and deal with all the other challenges that a full-time employee brings. This is the ideal middle ground for small business owners.