By: DonaldJennings


Both male and female employees will love business casual polo shirts. These polo shirts can be matched with most work attire and are suitable for white-collar jobs. A polo shirt is the best choice if your workplace prefers business casual attire. You’re ready for casual Fridays when you have a variety of polo shirts.

You’ll find that polo tops can be worn with almost any bottom, from dress pants to skirts to chinos to chinos. You can choose your favorite pair and still look professional, but you will feel more comfortable than wearing a suit.

For a Casual Dress Code, Pair a Polo Shirt & Jeans

Companies may have relaxed dress codes to maintain a casual work environment. If you are fortunate enough to find yourself in this situation, you can make the most of it by pairing your favorite jeans with a polo top. The combination gives you a professional look that is work-appropriate and helps to exude professionalism in places with strict dress codes.

For most offices, dark jeans are a good choice. You want your jeans to not have any distressing, as this will make it look unprofessional and not BUSINESS ASSISTANT complement the semi-formal qualities of the polo shirt. You can show off your style by choosing business casual polo shirts with fun patterns. Solid colours can also be a good idea. However, you should colour-block your polo shirt with your jeans to make the outfit stand out.

For a Cool Summer Look, Rock a Polo Top

Polo shirts are a popular choice during summer. Comfortable fabrics are the best choice when the sun is shining. Many polo shirts are made from breathable fabrics with moisture-wicking capabilities. Your polo shirt will keep you cool, no matter what the weather is like.

Chino pants pair well with a polo top. These two pieces create a professional look that is appropriate for most office settings. It can be difficult to wear a business casual polo outfit in summer, but the right pair of chinos with a polo shirt can help you elevate your style and bring some heat into the office.

A Business Casual Polo Shirt will help you Transition Smoothly into Autumn

A polo shirt can be used as a transitional piece in your office attire when the temperature starts to drop. It’s easy to maintain a professional business casual polo style and still be comfortable. For a classic autumn look, swap the chinos for heavier bottoms. Or add tights to your chinos and a skirt.

You can layer other pieces on top of your polo shirt as the weather gets colder. For a cool look at the office, we recommend choosing darker, neutral tops to match fall-inspired styles.