How can you make the “Business Plural Possessive”?

By: DonaldJennings

The singular business is possessive; the business plural possessive. What is the plural possessive of company? The plural noun is companies. It refers to a word that describes two or more businesses. Companies’ is the plural possessive form.

Where is the apostrophe in business?

To make the possessive, you can simply add an apostrophe (even though the business name is a singular noun).

How can you spell the business plural possessive?

What are some examples of possessive words?

These possessive pronouns are my, mine and ours. These words are used to indicate ownership. If the book is my, it is mine. If the book is owned by her, it will be hers.

Is a verb possible to be possessive?

Possessive forms can be used to modify verb forms such as nouns or gerunds.

How can you explain possessive nouns

A possessive noun means a noun that has something, i.e. it is something. A possessive noun can be formed in most cases by adding an apostrophe (+s) to the noun. If the plural noun ends in s, then only an apostrophe is required.

Are you able to have two possessive nouns at once?

1 Answer. Yes, the first sentence was correct. While I believe parent’s might be meant as plural, the apostrophe should instead be changed to Amazon Business Days parents’. You can simplify the sentences by removing one possessive.

Can two apostrophes be used in a word?

1 Answer. Answer: Yes. A word that contains multiple contractions can contain multiple apostrophes. This is common when writing dialogue.

What is correct grammar for me?

It is fine as written. “My wife and I” can be described as a noun phrase. It functions as a subjective pronoun, made possessive by the apostrophe and functioning in the singular. Although it seems strange, “I’s” isn’t a singular pronoun. It is part of a noun sentence.

What is the best way to use two business plural possessives in one sentence?

Two people may own the same item. If so, add the apostrophe + to the end of the second name. Example: Maribel and Cesar have a redwood home. If one of the joint owners is written in pronoun form, you can use the possessive form to indicate that they are both.

Is it possible to have two plural words?

Are there 2 plural nouns ending in s? No. No. English has nouns that can be used as adjectives. Adjectives cannot take a plural.

Is double possessive correct?

They are perfectly grammatical. Grammatical is the double possessive. It uses both of and s to show possession.