How to get a “Spotify Internship”?

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Spotify internship is a Swedish tech company streaming podcasts, music and videos. Since its inception in 2008, the company has grown rapidly. The company now has offices in Berlin, Amsterdam and New York, Paris. London. Milan. Brussels. Madrid. Helsinki. Stockholm. Singapore.

Spotify has many job openings at its three biggest London, New York and Stockholm offices. Even as an intern, it can be difficult to get hired. Spotify interns must be creative, hardworking, and have initiative in all aspects of the application process.

Spotify Internships: Why you Should Apply?

Spotify does an excellent job in ensuring employee satisfaction. Spotify aims to provide a workplace that encourages employees to grow and improve their careers.

These are just a few of the reasons Spotify is an excellent place to start your career.

Live performances. Spotify’s work environment is centered on music. Spotify hosts many live music events in its offices. They prefer to hire music lovers and talented people from all backgrounds.

Excellent pay. Spotify pays you according to your BUSINESS CASUAL POLO value to the company. Spotify allows employees to take paid leave. The company adjusts salaries based on the market.

Get free food. Spotify believes that food helps employees concentrate on their cognitive tasks. It also ensures that employees are not hungry.

  • Spotify Internship Interview Process
  • Spotify has a long hiring process.

These are the steps to follow when applying for a job or student internship with Spotify.


You will need to complete an internship application on Spotify in order to start the application process. Each position is different, so it’s important to tailor your resume, work experience, and entire application to suit the job you are applying for.

Spotify Internship Application Tips

  • Many Spotify employees are recruited internally. Spotify is diversifying its talent-hiring platforms, so more focus is being placed on candidate applications.
  • Cold outreach is a good idea. Sometimes internships are not available to the public. It is a good idea to reach out to the departments you are interested in joining. You might be able to find a job in product management or marketing, and you may get lucky.
  • Take initiative. It is not enough to show your past experience. It is not enough to just show your past experiences. To impress them, you can still do a music streaming-related task. It’s important to demonstrate something that is already valuable to Spotify.

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