Alleged “Craigslist South Jersey” Murderer

By: DonaldJennings

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that juror selection began in the murder trial of a Willow Grove man accused of using Craigslist South Jersey as a lure and robbery platform.

Thomas Coffee, 23 years old, allegedly lured several victims by placing an ad on Craiglist for an all-terrain vehicle and then robbed them.

One of these incidents led to the murder of Daniel Cook (27), Williamstown, New Jersey.

Police said that Cook responded to a Craigslist South Jersey advertisement for a dirtbike and met Coffee the following Friday in East Walnut Lane, Philadelphia.

Cook was accompanied by friends who said that he walked down the street in search of Coffee and then lost his sight.

  • Later, witnesses in the area told police that they heard gunshots shortly after.
  • An emergency call to 911 was made at 11:14 that night.

Cook was found dead by emergency responders when they arrived at 11.23 p.m. with gunshot wounds in his face and ankle.

Detectives were able to trace Coffee’s location at the 1900 block of Lukens Avenue, Abington. This Willow Grove mailing address is his.

According to NBC Philadelphia, court records show that Coffee pleaded guilty to robbery in 2010 and possession of an instrumental of crime.

My aversion to Craigslist South Jersey has been mocked. Here’s yet another example of what can occur when someone takes advantage of Craigslist Palm Springs anonymity to place an ad.

Shawn Christopher McShane is a 29-year-old piece of XXXXX from Ocean City. He admitted that he placed an advertisement for a used car for Craigslist Tucson with the sole purpose to rob people at gunpoint when they arrived to view it. They thought they would see a 2004 Honda Civic, not a barrel of a firearm. One victim was taken away for $4,200. Another was taken for $4,200. They brought cash to the pre-negotiation if they wanted the car. They bought a car that didn’t exist. This is a great scam. This is a great way for someone to show up with lots of cash and in an environment they have control over.

The police ended up finding this man in a bar, who matched the description perfectly. They dialed the number on craigslist charleston and watched as he pulled out his wallet and answered the phone. They placed him under arrest, and he admitted to the whole thing.

You should know that I have a point. The fact that the Garden State police department has set up safe zones in their lobbies and parking lots where they can conduct this type of business shows that they are serious.

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“I have been blessed with better times. I have a therapist and a girlfriend I love! My girlfriend might find Gabby and think I’m a crazy twisted fiend.

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While I won’t be able to give you the complete description of …. Gabby , I will tell you that the seller claims that Gabby is “almost” life-size.

  • I honestly don’t even know what it means.
  • He said she is also “completely anatomically accurate.”
  • NOTE: This is not a feature that I think is really necessary. I am just passing on the information.

He reiterates that Gabby is clean and goes into great detail about the process. These Craigslist South Jersey details need to be protected and hidden under a volcano. But, they are available on craigslist green bay.