Scammer rents “Craigslist Lndianapolis”

By: DonaldJennings

INDIANAPOLIS — A Craigslist Indianapolis man claims that he initially tried to ignore all the calls asking for his rental property. But then, they kept coming.

Ryan Liffrig said that he began receiving calls yesterday from people interested to rent a home he and he wife own north Broad Ripple Village.

  • Liffrig stated that the house is not for rent. He and his wife own it and have no listing.
  • Liffrig initially thought that the callers might have the wrong address.

  • He said, “It began happening around lunch yesterday.” It was something I ignored for the majority of the day. “But when we got home, it became a little more serious.”
  • Liffrig also said that someone saw the advertisement and believed it to be a hoax. He called them to warn them.
  • Liffrig found out that someone had taken photos from their home on a real estate site and posted a fake CRAIGSLIST MADISON ad.
  • Liffrig stated that someone is trying to deceive people by taking their pictures from the real estate site. It’s a complete fraud. It is not available for rent. It was taken by someone else.
  • Liffrig stated that at least six people reached out to him regarding the ad. It was placed by an unknown individual who claimed he was not located in state.
  • Liffrig stated that the man claimed he was from Texas and would send money to them to get the keys.
  • Liffrig reported the fraud to police and flagged it on Craiglist as well as Zillow. According to Liffrig’s email exchange, he also reached out to the poster to try to rent his home.

RTV6 reported similar scams in the past. Police advise anyone who is looking to rent to verify the property’s ownership through the Marion County Assessor’s Office. They also recommend that you meet any person claiming to represent a realtor at their office.

Craigslist Indianapolis posting leads@ to Indianapolist man being charged

Craigslist Indianapolis (Ind. (February 8, 2014) — It’s possible to buy almost anything online and Indiana Conservation Officers were alerted about an individual selling Indiana wildlife on Craigslist Tampa.

The problem is that selling reptiles or animals that are not native to Indiana is illegal without a permit.

Indiana Conservation Officers were able exchange e-mails with Robert Gaskin (20 years old), and set up a time and date to meet to discuss the sale.

Friday night, at 8:30 PM, a plain clothing officer met Gaskin at his Indianapolis home at 3300 Block Chase Street. There they sold a red-eared slider turtle as well as two green frogs.

The officer could also see paraphernalia containing drugs lying around the residence while he was at the house.

Officers were able to obtain an Indianapolis Metro Police Department search warrant after they left the house. The warrant was executed around 1 a.m. Saturday.

During their search, officers discovered additional drug paraphernalia in the house.

Gaskins faces several charges, including illegal sale or transfer of wildlife below $500, failure to obtain a resident fishing licence and possession of paraphernalia.

Indiana is located in the Midwestern United States. On December 11, 1816, Indiana was admitted to the United States as the 19th State.

Craigslist Indianapolis boasts a diverse economy, with a gross state income of $377.1 million in 2019. There are many cities that have populations over 100,000, as well as smaller towns and cities. Indiana is home to several expert sports teams, including the NFL’s Craigslist Boulder Colts, and the NBA’s Indiana Pacers. It also hosts numerous competitive events, such as the Indianapolis 500.

Indiana was home to many different native people over the years. Several of these were expelled by the U.S. government between 1800-1836. The state’s name was given to it because the majority of its inhabitants were native people, even though the state was granted statehood. Settlement patterns in Indiana show a local cultural division that has been present since the beginning. The state’s northernmost tier was settled mainly by people from New England and New York. Central Indiana was settled primarily by immigrants from the Mid-Atlantic States and Ohio. Southern Indiana was settled by residents from the Upland South, particularly Kentucky and Tennessee.

You might be buying your first house in Indiana or you may be moving to Indiana from another country. It doesn’t matter what situation you are in, it is important to be informed about Indiana mortgages before purchasing a home or getting a loan. This article will explain what you need to know before purchasing a house in Indiana.

Craigslist Indianapolis houses are not valued at the same level as the national average. In fact, Indiana’s rate of house appreciation is only one-third that of the national average. Indiana’s foreclosure and personal bankruptcy rates exceed the national average. Potential buyers of brand-new houses may be able to purchase a property for less than its assessed value due to the high number of foreclosures and personal bankruptcy.

Indiana is home to a diverse population. It includes small towns and large cities as well as rural areas. Indiana’s job opportunities are increasing every year. Indiana also has many top-ranked colleges and schools.

Indiana offers FHA loans in addition to the usual programs for individuals with very low incomes and individuals with disabilities. It also provides similar programs for veterans, teachers, firemens and law-enforcement officers as well as state and community employees. The requirements for each loan are different depending on the county where you’re purchasing a house. You can find out more information at the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority.

Indiana’s average home price is lower than the national average. It ranks 2nd among its neighboring states in terms of cost. When you look at Indiana’s average earnings, it is more than expected. More property owners pay less than 30% towards real estate expenses.

You can apply for federal and state FHA loans and VA loans if you are buying a house in Indiana. Purchasers of new homes in Craigslist Medford receive Indiana FHA loans at a lower interest rate than the market. They may also receive $3,500 deposit support depending on their earnings. All property owners are eligible for First Home 100 support. This support can be used to obtain both lower-than-market interest rates and deposit support for those who purchase a home in licensed backwoods.