Foil business cards

By: DonaldJennings

Let Your Printing shine

Foil stamping can give your business cards a unique and high-end look. Foil stamping adds a classy touch to your business cards. It can be used with metallics, ultra-glossy colours, shimmery pearls or other high-tech effects.

Foil can boost your business. Foil can make your product more valuable and high quality, according to research.

Hot foil stamping (or hot stamping) is a method of printing foil on cards. It involves the imprinting of metallic foil or pigment onto paper with heated dies. The foil is applied to the paper using high pressure. Foil business cards often include foil text and graphics such as logos. Foil business cards will be distinctive and stand out in a highly competitive market because of their eye-catching impressiveness.

Combining foil and embossing can create a three-dimensional foil image. You can see the foil stamping process in action below. Additional visual examples are available on our custom printing effects page.

Foil Options

Foil stamped business cards are available with many foil types.

  • Metallic Foil is metallic-like in shine and shimmer and comes in many colors including gold, silver and red as well as green, blue, and purple.
  • Gloss Pigment Foli has a glossy, but non-metallic, finish with many colors.
  • Matte Pigment Foil is a matte, non-shiny finish that can be used in deep solid colors.
  • Special Effect Foils, such as leathers and marbles, pearls, or woodgrains, add unique textures and appearances.
  • Holographic Foil uses an image of holograms on the surface. This creates an impressive “high tech” effect.

What materials can be foil stamped?

Foil can be applied to almost any paper, even synthetic and magnet papers. For foil stamping business cards, our smooth-surfaced matte/matte, dull/matte, and lustre uncoated covers stocks are perfect for use. Foil is not recommended for linen and other rough-textured papers. The paper’s uneven surface will make it look less crisp and smooth.

Foil stamped business cards

Foil stamping can make your business cards shine. For the best results, use foil stamping

You should ensure that there is high contrast between foil stamping and the background of your card. Foil stamping can be used over a dark background or a lighter color.

At least 8pt fonts should be used in a professional-looking font that is easy to read from a glance.

A large number of business cards are printed on one sheet, which is then cut into individual cards. We recommend that you include a 3mm “bleed” on the edges to accommodate slight cutting variations. Avoid putting text along the edges and avoiding borders that may appear off-center after being cut.

Use Your Cards

Email and cell phones can’t replace the tangible value of business cards. At a networking event, handing out business cards is a way to keep the conversation focused on you and not technology.

Simple is the key to a business card that’s successful. Make sure to include the most important information necessary to contact you or learn more about what your company does. Don’t forget to leave lots of space.

If you are just starting out, working for yourself or interacting with people unfamiliar with your business, business cards can help you project a professional image. Foil stamping gives cards a custom, upscale look that conveys the message that your company is successful and values quality.

Foil stamped business cards are very popular, especially when embossing is added. This is a great opportunity to place your business cards where they will be seen. Place your business cards in stacks at local businesses.

Foil stamping gives your business cards a professional look that will make people remember you and what you do. You can use them to promote your company and show that you are serious about quality.

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