The “Piercing Pagoda” has a new name

By: DonaldJennings

Dallas – Piercing Pagoda has been around for 50 years and is now undergoing a major renovation to better attract Gen Z and millennial customers.

Signet Jewelers’ kiosk store chain will now be known as Banter by Piercing Pagoda

Signet said that the new name is a tribute to the personal relationships between employees and customers.

Around 100 of the more than 500 locations in the United States that Piercing Pagoda manages have already seen their name changes.

It is currently being tested in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle. The full fleet will be available gradually.

“Our Banter By Piercing Pagoda brand is alive with energy and invokes the excitement of playful conversation like the adrenaline of new piercings or pieces of jewelry,” Kecia Caffie (president of Banter By Piercing Pagoda) stated in a press release.

“Our customers are creative, fiercely individual people who inspire us to celebrate our individual identities every day and reject labels.”

This change is part of the “Inspiring brilliance” growth strategy by the jewelry giant. It aims to increase its omnichannel presence, technologic capabilities, and improve its product offerings.

The brand logo is a gold script capital letter “B”. It will carry gender-neutral charms, necklaces and chains.

The brand is well-known for its ear piercing services. However, it expanded to nose and face piercings in response to rising consumer demand.

Signet stated that “Banter By Piercing Pagoda is a combination of stylish designs and approachable services at an affordable price point with tech-enabled shops and warm, modern service.”

Piercing Pagoda is one of Signet’s nine jewel brands. It has been consistently a top performer.

Signet said that the brand experienced its strongest quarter in fiscal 2022’s first quarter and its sixth consecutive year with positive tucker smith same-store sales growth, despite stable merchandise margins in fiscal 2021.

More than 135 locations of Piercing Pagoda are expected to make $1 million this year.

Signet intends to open up to 100 more locations in fiscal 2022 at regional malls.

These new stores will have traditional shops instead of kiosks. They’ll also include a piercing salon and smart mirrors that allow you to try on virtual jewelry.

Signet stated that the brand targets “tech-savvy Gen Z” and millennial customers and will continue to improve its mobile experience.

Piercing Pagoda experienced a 140 percent increase in e-commerce sales year over year during fiscal 2021. Mobile played a major role in this growth.

The digital overhaul includes enhanced virtual capabilities such as sales and search and a new website.

Banter by Piercing Pagoda has a new brand name. It features “bold, diverse models that epitomize self expression and pride, which is the hallmark of the brand.”

The campaign was launched Monday at a select number of locations.

Signet Jewelers also announced this week that it had renegotiated its asset-based loan facility of $1.5 billion. This extension was extended by almost two years to July 2026 in order to provide greater financial flexibility.

Signet also entered into long-term receivable purchasing agreements. This improved the terms and eliminated consumer credit risk from the company’s balance sheet.

Signet’s final step towards fully outsourcing its credit offering is now with the new agreements.

Genesis is its long-term credit servicer. It also offers other payment options such as Affirm or Progressive Leasing.

Joan Hilson, Chief Financial and Strategy Officer, stated that these actions and the recent S&P upgrade of Signet’s issuer credit rating due to our enhanced financial profile demonstrate the progress made with our Inspiring brilliance growth strategy in a press release.

The Piercing Pagoda is upgraded to ‘Banter” with a fresh vibe and more piercing services

You probably had your ears pierced by a kiosk called Piercing Pagoda if you lived in the vicinity of the mall during the golden years. This was when local bands played for mothers pushing strollers and Hot Topic was still considered goth. Piercing Pagoda is a popular spot for finding really good studs that won’t break the bank.

Piercing Pagoda has launched a new name and look for their brand: Banter by Piercing Pagoda. Banter by Piercing Pagoda has a distinctive capital letter “B” in gold script. This is a modernization for a new generation. They are also rejecting labels that were previously attached to their brand or jewelry. The name Banter feels more like something you would have with friends and show off your septum piercings, rather than something you would drag your parents to.

The new designs are sleek and minimalist with a focus on gender-neutral charms, necklaces and chains. While all jewelry can be gender neutral, Banter has demonstrated that they are committed to inclusivity by showing how their jewelry looks on different bodies, faces, and noses.

Even though they have had a facelift, it doesn’t mean that the store has suddenly become a luxurious, high-end boutique where attendants are always on hand to keep an eye on you. They still make fine jewelry with sterling silver and 10-14kt gold. It can be worn wherever you like. There are no pretenses, just fashionable, functional jewelry that you can wear every day.

Banter is now offering tech-enabled piercings and more styling services in an age when online shopping is thriving. There are many ways to have a new look with piercings or jewelry, including personalized check-ins, personal shopping and free virtual styling.

We have selected a few Banter pieces that you might like to look at. You can also shop for their 9/17 sale, which includes a 75% off discount, without a promo code. You’re welcome!