Rewards Credit Card: Benefits, Who Needs It, And How To Make Most Of It

By: DonaldJennings

There are a lot of credit card products available in the market today. But, easily, one of the most popular is the rewards credit card.

It’s easy to see why this is the case. Rewards credit card offer incentives to cardholders to make them continuously use their line of credit. Easily, it’s a ploy banks use to make cardholders use their credit more and more.

But this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to benefit from rewards credit cards. In fact, you can — if you have the right card and the right incentive for it. Best credit card deals for rewards depend on how you use your card and what you get in return.

Who benefits from it?

This begs the question: who benefits the most from rewards credit cards?

There are two conditions that might rewards credit cards the right fit for you. First, you need to have good (or even excellent) credit history. Points (which you get from using the credit card and are used to redeem the rewards) are often not given to users who do not pay off their card bills every month.

This means, the card isn’t worth it if you leave of a balance from your debt every month.

Second, you need to consider the annual feel of your card. Usually, your card charges you every year simply for having the card. It’s an unnecessary expense most of the time as you can probably find good credit card deals that do not charge annual fees.

In short: it makes no sense to carry a rewards credit card with an annual fee since, in essence, you are offsetting the incentives you can get by paying for you a fee you can live without.

Making the most of the rewards

So how do you find the best credit card deals for rewards?

First, you need to find a rewards program that aligns or fits your interest.

Cash back rewards cards offer the most flexible program since it offers to return a percentage of the money you spend using your card.

But it’s best to check available rewards being offered by your bank. Many users, for instance, go for travel rewards cards since it works like frequent flier rewards program (although banks usually offer this reward for one specific airline, so choose carefully).

The most important thing is to pick a program that you will use and benefit from. Read the specific details of the program; make sure you will meet the requirements of your card. For instance, some cards will only give you reward points if you spend a specific amount or use the card during a specific period.

It is best to maintain just one rewards credit card as well — so you can make the most out of your points. Cancel or throw away cards you don’t use or offer unsatisfying rewards. As much as possible, run everything through one card — though don’t needlessly spend and exceed your credit limit just to get points.

Don’t settle with one bank as well when looking for the best credit card deals for rewards. Compare rewards and programs to see which ones work best for you.

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